Monday, August 17, 2009

When Hearts are Left Hanging

"Please pray to the Lord for me,” Simon replied, “so that nothing you have said may happen to me.” Acts 8:24

What happened to the rest of Simon’s story? Did the Apostles pray for him after this request? Did Simon’s heart ever get right with God? Or, was this simple request evidence that his heart had been changed? Did Simon ever turn from his desire for power? Did Simon ever receive the Holy Spirit?

Simon’s intentions were messed up; yet, he had enough sense to ask the Apostles to intercede on his behalf. Did the Apostles intercede for Simon? Or, did they decide he wasn’t worth their time? Did their encounter stop with their message of condemnation? Were the Apostles suffering from heart problems of their own?

Lord, you seem to leave my heart hanging with this story!

How many times have I left people hanging while serving at your table? How many times have I pointed a silent finger at another person without taking the time to lift them up in prayer or walk them through a transitional episode? How many times have I ignored a prayer request because I thought it would fall by the wayside of the person’s life – a waste of precious resources? How many times have my intentions been messed up? How often have I followed after a truth with my heart in the wrong place?

Lord, I’ve been on both sides of a misplaced heart! I’ve sought your will with less than humble intentions and I’ve silently pointed fingers at other people and failed to intercede on their behalf. Will I always suffer from the same heart problem of misplaced intentions?

Lord, forgive me and continue to transform my heart!


Laure said...


Though it may seem to Yvette that you've left her heart hanging with this story, i wonder ...

Look how she engages You with this verse! Do You see how she comes to You with her unknowing? Whom does she have but You, Father? What other Rock?

And in the desert of unknowing ... and by it ... are You not wooing her to Yourself ... to the only One who can satisfy what her heart must know ...

How is her story like Simon's, Lord? And how is it like those apostles? Where were You in his story ... in theirs ... and where are You in hers?

When her humanity is exposed, Lord Jesus, help her to humble herself before a sister or brother to ask for prayer ... continue to build a bridge of faithful ones who will receive her and pray ... a bridge that will carry her to the truth.

Thank You for how You are now and You will continue to use this story of Simon's in her life as You conform her heart to Yours.