Friday, August 21, 2009

When God Makes It Clean

Lord, I acted upon an idea I thought you placed upon my heart. It was in connection with the Peter and Cornelius story I read. On my way to school to buy books, I stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up sea glass. I thought it would be nice to give as a prayer focus in case I ran into somebody from the homeless shelter that might need prayer or encouragement. Hobby Lobby was out of sea glass and nobody crossed my path at school – even though I lingered in the square and strolled around the perimeter of campus.

I felt silly, as if I were “forcing” a spiritual encounter that would take me to the mountain top.

Lord, I continue to struggle with my scripture readings, looking for huge aha moments that will make me feel close to you – trying to “force” a spiritual moment out of my readings.

I started reading one of my textbooks for the fall and couldn’t put it down. I became really excited about learning how to be a good counselor. It was like the mountain top experience I used to have while reading scripture.

It made me feel guilty!

Perhaps this is your way of telling me to settle down and stop worrying about being present with you. Perhaps this is your way of saying I’m ok where I am at the moment. Perhaps you are telling me to dig deep into my preparation and know you are digging along side me.

Then I read Acts 11!

But a voice answered from heaven a second time, “What God has made clean, you must not call common.” Acts 11:9

Yes! This account tells me that what I am reading and learning in school may seem common to me. However, it is being used to prepare me for a future calling and you have made it clean. Therefore, I should rejoice in the fact that my textbooks are being opened for me and it is ok to feel excited and energized by the knowledge I am gleaning from them. And, it’s ok that scripture is not as stimulating as I want it to be.

Lord, thank you for this affirmation. I take it and receive it as encouragement. Help me to settle into my preparation with the thought that you are indeed settled along side me.


Robin said...

Father God I am in total agreement with this prayer.

I too ask: Why do I try to find some huge aha in your word, when in reality you are always present.

Help us to embrace that even when your word seems like it is not revealing anything new that in fact each the turn page is bringing forth a mystery whether we recognize it or not.

Help me to also rejoice in the calling you have place on my life, and when the books I read seem common help me to remember that everything in life is used to draw us closer to your heart...even our text books. Jesus I love you. amen.

Laure said...

Lord Jesus,

I too say amen to this prayer.

I ask for Your joy to seize Yvette ... Your laughter and the lightness of Your Spirit.

Thank you for the calling You have placed on Yvette's life. Teach her the ministry of 'coming along side.' For You are our best example.

And assist her, I pray, to come to You often, as she did today, to speak plain the ails of her spirit, of her mind, of her heart. As she reads the texts which will help prepare her, I ask that truth would enter into her to such a degree that even her biology would change under the light of such truth.

I know that she cannot give what she does not possess. Fill her to overflowing with understanding and compassion for herself, that she may give to others liberally.

For lightening her spirit as she read school materials, I thank you. And for the provision You placed before her from Your word, I thank You.

To witness Your intimate love for her is a blessing I scarcely have words for.