Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking Beyond Financial Hardship

When he had assembled them, as well as the workers engaged in this type of business, he said: “Men, you know that our prosperity is derived from this business. You both see and hear that not only in Ephesus, but in almost the whole province of Asia, this man Paul has persuaded and misled a considerable number of people by saying that gods made by hand are not gods!” Acts 19:25-26

The gospel was changing lives all over the place.

In this account demonism was defeated in Ephesus. Many became believers and turned away from their old ways and placed their faith in Christ.  Those that practiced magic, collected their own magic books and burned them in front of everyone. The books were valued at 50,000 pieces of silver!  This represents financial hardship.

The silversmiths in Ephesus, who made silver shrines for the goddess Artemis, heard all the news reports. They were afraid of losing their livelihood.  Paul was preaching against idol worship and people were being persuaded.  This represents financial hardship.

One group was able to look beyond financial hardship and welcomed change.

The other group was blinded by financial hardship and turned away from change.

Lord, we know that change often involves financial hardship. When you lead us in a new direction, give us spiritual eyes to look beyond financial hardship.  Give us courage to take the necessary steps. Help us to rely on your faithfulness as we navigate through the change.


Claire said...


Laure said...

Lord God,

show us what we are making with our hands. Show us what we are worshiping with our hearts and minds and living that is at its very essence, idolatry.

all that we are and all that we have belongs to You.

show us our greed, our arrogance, our pride, our thinking that we are god. show us what is witchcraft and sorcery that we would run from it.

may we agree with all that Your Spirit shows us and our repentance come swiftly.

cleanse us and we shall be clean.


Anonymous said...

good post.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi Yvette..ya, I liked this. It also coincides with the parable falling among thorns, that gets choked out by worries & riches etc.. Really though, it's like we have to make these decisions all along the way-this is definently an important one. Another good post-

Robin said...

Yes Father help your people to raise above their own needs, to see how you are working in this world. Everything belongs to you.

Your word does change lives. Let revival come to your church, open our ears to hear your word. Send your Spirit forth to break down hard hearts.

In Christ. Amen.

Robin said...

Yvette, how are the classes going?

Monica @Know-Love-Obey God said...

Father, I welcome the change that You desire for me. And I trust You.

Robin said...

Yvette, my next starts Oct 17, then January 5. I am preparing to write out what I need to apply for my pastor's license, and today my son is officially a private in the Canadian army. The next two weeks are full concerning ministry, then Murray and I are driving to the west coast (B.C). It will be beautiful traveling through the Rocky mountains in the fall. Thanks for asking. A break from papers is refreshing.

Robin said...

One more thing: On the 26 my son goes to St. John's Quebec for training. I guess I am having issues today...but will get over it.